Border Syndrome

- a monologue about escape, borders and courage

Border Syndrome is an honest, funny, moving, and thought-provoking play about the life of an immigrant and the dream of a better life on the other side of the border. A dream shared by millions of people all over the world. Worldpremiere in april 2013.

It is a highly physical, energetic and compact play suitable for young people and adults.

Border Syndrome is a dramatization of the Albanian writer Gazmend Kapllani’s novel “A Short Border Handbook” partly based on his own experiences as a refugee.

The Danish press wrote about the play:

Thought inspiring theater - It is a wise play Bornholm Theatre performs. Based on Gazmend Kapllani's acclaimed novel "A Short Border Handbook", sharply adapted to the stage by Jens Svane Boutrup, who also directs. And in Ernesto Piga Carbone, he has found the right actor. Because he conveys the story so warmly and engaged; because the body as well tells the story all the time.

Praise for the book:

‘Explores with bracing humour and unsentimental insight the migrant's rocky path to a new role and changed identity’ - Independent ‘This funny, ironic and intelligent description of immigrant life gives voice to a social group that did not have one, and meditates on the broader tragicomedy of exile’ - Times Literary Supplement

Actor: Ernesto Piga Carbone
Director and playwright: Jens Svane Boutrup
Set designer: Lisbeth Burian
Choreographer: Camilla Marienhof
Production: Bornholm’s Teater
Recommended age group: 14+
Duration: 60 min. The monologue is performed in Danish, and will soon be available in English and Spanish.
Contact info: Artistic Director, Jens Svane Boutrup - Phone: +45 5695 0732 / +45 2880 1810 - Mail:

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